Combusting Steam

Water is the second most abundant energy source in, on, or around our earth.  We tried to atomize water from a sprayer, but couldn’t tell what was happening for sure when we sprayed it into the AEEF.  Then I thought if we turned the water into steam the AEEF would expand the water molecules even further out.  We used a steamer for clothes.  It had a 14” wand for spraying.  The first three times it would just blow out the AEEF.  Then I thought about why the atomized water doesn’t blow the AEEF.  I thought that it must be exploding the steam.  So we tried to put in a little steam at a time.  When the steam built up enough into the AEEF, it exploded and singed the hair off my fingers 14” away.  A big flash was observed by workmates and blew out the AEEF.  From this experiment we feel that the AEEF is capable of igniting, combusting, and exploding steam.

This could lead to the second Greatest Discovery of the 21st Century:  igniting, combusting, and exploding the second most abundant energy source on or around our planet earth, water when turned into gas, steam.