Medical Uses

Another possibility is reducing cancer cells or tumors.  The Atom Exciter Energy Field wants to break the molecular structure of anything put into it.  The Atom Exciter Energy Field can be made very small.  Under controlled circumstances using cameras, suction, etc., the energy field could be placed into cancerous cells or tumors and turn them back to harmless atoms without radiation killing everything in its path.

This is already being done with a high voltage arc burning method, but not with breaking down the molecular structure.  The Atom Exciter Energy Field breaks down the molecular structure of invisible gases and the air.  Bacteria are also made of invisible atoms.  I have been able to melt or vaporize everything with a small 18 gauge wire.  The probe containing the energy field could be very small as well as the wires going to the probe.

This is only a theory and would take a lot of research and development.  but wouldn't it be a marvelous thing to do?

It could also break down medical waste and decontaminate it.  Then it could be safely put into a land fill.

The Atom Exciter Energy Field has never been invented before, so the possibilities would be unlimited.