Gold Refining

We have learned that with the Atom Exciter Energy Field gold that has been processed to 70% to 80% pure can simply be melted in the energy field.  When melted and dropped into cooled water or oil, this gold has been tested to be 97% to 98% pure.

The gold that has been processed to 70% to 80% pure still contains dross.  It normally takes a number or processes to get it to 97% or 98% pure.  By melting it with the Atom Exciter Energy Field, we can bypass the other refining steps.

In addition, when weighing the gold before and after it is processed by the Atom Exciter Energy Field, there is very little weight difference.  This means that some of the gold normally lost in the dross is recaptured from the melting process.  This draws the micro particles of gold into the liquid gold that is being melted in the Atom Exciter Energy Field.

This method of refining or processing gold, and possibly other precious metals, is a yield increase of 10% to 28% never before possible.

We have discovered a number of other methods to extract precious metals out of rock, tailings, quartz rock, etc.  The quartz rock can be put into the Atom Exciter Energy Field.  This causes the quartz to heat up.  When it gets hot enough, we quench it in water.  The layers in the quartz rock separate and the gold is release and extracted.

The same methods of using the Atom Exciter Energy Field for extracting precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, iridium, osmium, palladium, etc. out of different materials would be unlimited.