The Atom Exciter produces an Energy Field.  The air becomes the conductor, igniting the atoms in the air.  When these atoms and electrons bombard other elements it breaks down the molecular structure, either melting or vaporizing instantly.  This is because whatever is put into the Atom Exciter Energy Field also becomes part of the circuit.

Tungsten has the highest vaporization temperature of all metals (5,660° C 10,400° F).  Some tungsten contains 2% thorium that will vaporize with it.

Carbon, in the form of graphite has an even higher vaporization temperature.  They know it will vaporize, but no one knows at what temperature.

The Atom Exciter Energy Field has been shown to vaporize both tungsten and graphite.  When placed in the Atom Exciter Energy Field, neither of them will be seen melting, but when removed from the energy field, a definite reduction in material is observed.

The Atom Exciter Energy Field is virtually cold, safe, and can run continuously. It will also melt ceramic and other material.

We believe that the Atom Exciter Energy Field will break down nuclear matter so it can be recycled.